About B.P. Memorial Polytechnic Institute

We offer a wide range of high quality of teaching and extra-curricular activities.

B.P.Memorial Polytechnic Institute Established in 2074 B.S. (AD 2017) is running under CTEVT at Saphi,Dhanusha. It is located 15 minutes by bus down from Janakpurdham and 10 minutes from Saphi chowk by walking.

This institute is situated at Laxminiya Gaupalika-4, Dhanusha.It is established with the aims to impart vocational skill with trainees and help them generating income the graduates of the BPMPI have an opportunity of upgrading their education. The BPMPI   will serve the community throughout   the vocational short term training according to need base.

BPMPI has facilities for providing both long term and short term training in all types of engineering and live Stock related skills according to need have attachment area long term training and expected to run Engineering technology from 2074/75 B.S. within school premises. Since it is establishment BPMPI is planning short term training in engineering field and other possible trade.

BPMPI institute is planning to provide nationally as well as globally employment prospect quality education , engineering and other community need base training .The main objective of BPMPI is to produce various kinds of basic and middle level skilled human resources for the engineering field and others according to demand of community .