Message From HOD Desk (Plant Science )

It is an immense pleasure to greet & welcome prospective students, current students, alumni, and visitors in this section. As we all know, Nepal is an agrarian country with around 60.4 percentage of people engaged in agriculture. The agriculture sector contributes to around one-third of the nation’s GDP and provides employment to two third of the population. The current scenario of Nepal is not just the job orientation education, it has become now the producing the entrepreneurs. From the establishment to till date we have produced many graduates from this school. Most of them are gone for government jobs, NGOs sector. Some of them are also engaged in startup entrepreneurships. Presently, the department has well equipped classrooms, library, laboratories & fields for Practical’s. The highly qualified and experienced faculty of the department is committed to deliver a quality TVET education in the field of agriculture in a friendly environment. We are linked with many government and non-government agencies; hence we sent our students for internships (OJT) program in their last semester to gain insight knowledge of market. Our department is fully committed for providing quality education and producing skilled manpower matching the today’s market demand. I encourage you all to have a short trip to our school and department.

Thank You !!

Saroj Mandal

HoD (Department of Plant Science)